Does My Subaru Vehicle Need Maintenance?

At Gerald Jones Subaru, we want you to be able to enjoy your Subaru vehicle to its fullest potential for as long as you own it. We know that it can be confusing to figure out when your vehicle needs to be maintained. Even if your vehicle isn't experiencing issues, it still may need to be maintained to continue to perform at the highest level. To help you understand what services your vehicle may need, we offer a scheduled maintenance lookup page that allows you to see what services your vehicle may need depending on its model, year, trim level, and mileage, giving drivers in Augusta and Martinez an accurate reference to use when scheduling your next maintenance appointment.

Common Subaru Maintenance Intervals

There are different levels of service that your Subaru vehicle may need depending on what model, model year and the amount of mileage it has. Level 1 focuses on minor inspections, including checking the lights and fluids, topping off those fluids and inspecting the battery, recalls and major systems.

Level 2 maintenance is suggested after 6,000 miles, including services like oil and filter change, chassis lubrication, tire rotations and balancing, and more hands-on inspections.

Level 3 servicing focuses on replacing the cabin air filter, cleaning battery terminals, inspecting steering components and more.

Level 4 maintenance offers services like cooling system inspection, drain and refill fluids for transmission and brakes, replace engine air filter, and more.

Level 5 repairs include changing spark plugs and changing transmission fluids.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment Online Today

We encourage drivers from all over Evans to use our maintenance schedule lookup page to find out what maintenance is suggested for their vehicles today. If your vehicle requires servicing, we invite you to schedule a service appointment online or make the quick trip from Aiken to have it performed today. Our technicians have the tools and Subaru parts needed to get your vehicle back to like new condition and on the roads in Grovetown again in no time.