The Subaru Outback is widely known for being one of the safest vehicles available in Martinez today. Obviously, nothing has changed with the Outback winning the award for the Best New Family Car from Good Housekeeping organization for the second year in a row. With so many safety features, some which come standard, it is easy to see why the Outback has performed so well in this category.

One feature that comes standard with all Subaru Outback's is the all-wheel drive. This ensures improved traction on the road, even when driving in subpar conditions. Having control of a vehicle is a necessity when traveling around Grovetown with young children in the car. Another standard safety feature is the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology that aids in keeping the driver aware of their surroundings when traveling. Having access to vehicles around the car, even in blind spots, keeps the driver alert and prepared to decrease the risk of an accident.

Aside from the excellent safety rating, the Subaru Outback also comes with ample storage and seating. There is plenty of seating and legroom in the rear seats to comfortably fit the whole family. The rear cargo room and roof storage space allow more than enough room to bring all the equipment and luggage needed for weekend trips and vacations near Evans. Increase the storage by folding the rear seats down for even more storage space when needed. The Hands-Free Power Gate allows for easy access to the back by opening the cargo door by waving in front of the emblem or using the single touch cargo cover.

The Subaru Outback boasts great efficiency on the road for mileage both in the city and on the highway. All-wheel drive will keep Aiken drivers in control and driving safe without noticeable vibration and noise within the vehicle.

With so many positives surrounding the Subaru Outback, it is a clear choice for a safe vehicle to travel with a family. There is a reason these cars are so popular on the road, from safety features to interior amenities. Try test driving one at Gerald Jones Subaru near Augusta to see first-hand.

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