Whether you're a trained auto technician or just a normal commuter, it can be difficult to pinpoint when your vehicle needs to be serviced. Most auto repairs are preventative through regularly scheduled maintenance, allowing you to skip the costly repairs and instead stay ahead of any issues that may occur. At Gerald Jones Subaru, we want to make it easier for you to find out when your vehicle needs to be serviced. That's why we offer a maintenance schedule lookup page, allowing you to use your vehicle's VIN number or input its information to find out if it's time for a maintenance visit.

From knowing when to get your oil changed to the time it's right to replace the air filters and change the transmission fluid, our maintenance schedule lookup tool makes it easy to stay on top of properly maintaining your vehicle. With Subaru vehicles, there are different levels of general maintenance. Level 1 is mostly inspecting different components on the vehicle to ensure everything is working properly. Level 2 is for oil changes, tire rotations, tire balancing, chassis lubrication, and more. Level 3 is for cabin air filter changes, battery terminal inspection and cleaning and steering components inspection. Level 4 is for draining and refilling transmission and brake fluid, replacing the engine air filter, cooling system inspections, and more. Level 5 focuses on spark plugs and transmission fluids.

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When you're ready, we encourage you to look up your vehicle's suggested maintenance schedule. If your vehicle needs servicing, you can easily schedule an appointment online at a date and time that's convenient for you, or come see us in our service center today. We have the experienced technicians, genuine Subaru parts and tools to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

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