As with any vehicle, sometimes Subaru vehicles need to be recalled for repairs. At Gerald Jones Subaru in Martinez, GA, we want you to be the first to learn if your vehicle needs to be recalled. That's why we offer an up to date recall reference page, allowing you to learn about Subaru recalls and look up your vehicle by VIN number to see whether it currently has a recall on it. It doesn't matter what model year your vehicle is, you can find out if it has a recall and schedule an appointment online to get the issue fixed in a quick and convenient manner so you can get back to your busy schedule without skipping a beat.

Even though Subaru vehicles go through a rigorous testing process before they're available for purchase, sometimes issues can occur years later that need to be addressed. That's when vehicle recalls are issued. During a recall, your Subaru vehicle is completely covered and repairs happen at no cost to you at a certified Subaru service center. Whether your vehicle is performing at the highest level already or if you suspect there might be an issue, it's a good idea to look up if there's currently a recall to ensure that your vehicle is equipped properly to continue to reach peak performance.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online Today

We encourage you to use our Subaru recall page to learn if your vehicle is currently being recalled. If it is, you can quickly schedule a service appointment online and we'll fix the issue and get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Even if you don't have a recall, you can join us in our service center for spring servicing like oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and more to get your vehicle in like-new condition for all the summer adventures ahead.

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