Great Deals in Service

I just found out from Mike Brown, our service manager, about a couple of great deals for you! For you Subaru owners you can get an oil change for $24.95 and the Volvo owners for $34.95! Also, for an added bonus be sure to ask for the FREE 27 point inspection of your car. They will let you know if you'll need new tires, brakes, belts, etc before something bad happens! I know it's helped me out!

Can you believe the price of gas lately? I've read that it may go up even more. Depending on the price per barrel of oil depends on if the price of gas goes higher or lower. I just hope we don't ever reach that $5.00 per gallon mark!

If you've seen this video before, then you understand that it is too funny not to watch again: Gerald Jones Blooper Video!
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