A Beautiful Mustang

We just received in a trade in a beautiful gray 2005 Ford Mustang with only 46,000 miles on it! The Mustang is a 5 speed with 3.9 6 cylinder engine and is a 40th Anniversary edition. Call Misty Jackson today to take a test drive in this beautiful car won't be around long. You can reach her at 888.438.0406!

The Savannah Riverkeepers are trying to recruit 500 new members to help keep everyone aware of the canal and river. They currently have 251 people signed up and plan to stay on a 20x20 raft anchored on the river at 8th Street. If you'd like to become a member it's starts at $35 per individual.
Savannah River 500: Rescue the Riverkeeper

Funny video of the day: Funny Grandpa Dancing to Techno


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