Riding With the Top Down

I am loving this beautiful weather! Wouldn't you want to drive around with the top down in this beautiful 2011 Volvo C70, like I would? Just imagine the wind in your hair, the sun shining on you, can you feel that? Call Misty Jackson @ 888-438-0406 to find out the internet price on this beauty.

With March now here, if you are a gardener, it's a great time to start your plants inside. Get out egg cartons or pots to fill with soil and tuck away seeds to start their growth. Charlotte has plans for zucchini, herbs, yellow pear tomatoes, and Red Sun Sunflowers for her garden. Others might start looking at flowers at the garden centers in their area. If you have particularly tough soil such as clay then till it up and add some potting soil to the mix so that the plants can still grow and hold water. Gardening is certainly a great way to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Now for your video of the day: Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al I've always loved this video, very funny!


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